CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – Regional Maritime University



The Regional Maritime University (RMU) will, as part of activities lined-up for the commemoration of its 60th Anniversary, confer Honorary Doctorate Degrees during the 12th Congregation on personalities who have, among others, contributed to the development of the Regional Maritime University and to society.

Categories of Honorary Doctorate Degree to be awarded are as follows:

  • Doctor of Laws (L.L.D.)
  • Doctor of Maritime Affairs (D.M.A)
  • Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)
  • Doctor of Engineering (D. Eng.)
  • Doctor of letters(D.Litt)

Persons  eligible  to make nominations are Lecturer and its equivalent and above, including retired staff in this category who may have institutional memory.

Nominations open on Monday, 31st July, 2017 at 0830 hours and  close on Friday, 15th September, 2017 at 1600 hours.

Nominees should meet any or combination of the following criteria:

  1. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions in sciences, humanities and professions in which the University itself was/is active.
  2. Individuals whose exceptional accomplishments have contributed to enhancing the living condition of people in a community.
  3. Individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of the University or the region or have achieved international standards of excellence in their endeavours.
  4. Individuals whose outstanding contributions to their fields of expertise or to society have not yet been widely recognised, but who merit such recognition.

The following are excluded from being nominated:

  1. Active Politicians
  2. Active members of faculty, staff (full-time, part-time or contract), Board of Governors and the Academic Council of the Regional Maritime University.

Eligible Staff and Faculty Members of RMU are hereby invited to submit nominations electronically to ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY.

A soft copy of the Nomination Form can be obtained from the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor.



Honorary Doctorate Degree Committee