Employee of the Year Award is an annual recognition of outstanding employees of the Regional Maritime University from among the two main employee resource groups (ERG); Academic and Non-Academic Staff. The idea behind honoring RMU employees at the University’s annual congregation is in recognition of their work and to also motivate them to continue with the same passion. The reward will acknowledge employees efforts, hard work and behaviors at the workplace that have contributed to the University’s success and objectives in some way.  In reciprocity, employees will strive towards these rewards with consistent behavior throughout the year.

The 2017 recipients were honoured at the 11th Congregation held on Saturday, 10th June, 2017 by the Chancellor of the University, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asimah who is also the Chairman of the RMU Board of Governors and Minster of Transport, Republic of Ghana.

Congratulations to Messrs Eric Duncan, Michael Dzikunu, Francis Huago and Mrs. Juliana Denyo. 


Eric Burphy Duncan – Coordinator of Students Affairs

Joined the Regional Maritime University in May, 2008 from his home country, Liberia as Dean of Students Affairs and later designated as the Coordinator of Students Affairs. He holds Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He loves social work. Mr. Duncan has selflessly served in the University for 9 years.


For your devoted service as Students Affairs Coordinator since 2008. You are tenacious and a pillar to the maintenance of a cordial and friendly students’ front. You manage and mediate with warmth and competence. Your close and seamless cooperation with the Students Representative Council (SRC) concerns promotes a harmonious learning environment.  Your exemplary leadership has built up their morale and has instilled discipline and cooperation among the entire Cadets Regiment.

The University acknowledges you as extraordinary worker who deserves the Vice Chancellors Award for 2017.

We say Ayekoo!

Senior Category (Administrative Staff)

Mrs. Juliana J. Denyo, Head of Sick Bay

Employed as permanent staff on the 1st of October, 2005 as Nursing Officer at the University’s Sick Bay. She holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Nursing with Psychology from University of Ghana. Besides her core duties, she is an instructor in First Aid short courses.  She was promoted as Head of the Sick Bay Unit in August 2014. She has worked with the University for twelve (12) years.


For your dedicated service as Nursing Officer since 2005, and as Head of the Sick Bay, 2014 to date.  She demonstrates professionalism in handling the health and wellness information of Students, Staff and the University Community. A dependable worker who is ready to accept additional responsibilities outside her normal working period and for the past 3 years has sacrificed her weekends to attend to the health needs of the weekend students. You have positive attitude and actively participants in social activities organized by the University. The University acknowledges you as an outstanding worker who deserves the Excellence Award in the Senior Category (Administrative) for 2017.